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All of our ciders are whole-juice heritage ciders
As our ciders are natural products dependent upon the growing season, the ABV will vary year on year. 
They are available fully dry "straight out of the barrel" or we can sweeten them to order.  
Regular Draught Ciders
These are available in 3 litre pouch plus 5, 10 & 20 litre Bag-in-Box

Floppy Tabs

Floppy Tabs was our first named cider and has proved our most popular award-winner. It is made entirely with a blend of Nottinghamshire grown dessert & culinary apples.

It is light and easy drinking, with a good balance of acidity & sweetness. The most usual feedback comment is that "It tastes of apples!" which we take as a great compliment. It is also often compared to some white wines. 

We can supply this sweetened on request from Dry through to Medium. 

This cider has won many CAMRA "Cider of the Festival" awards but we are most proud for it winning "East Midlands CAMRA Gold Award" twice in the Regional Cider Championships; it has also won the Bronze Award in this championships - so we are only missing the Silver for the full set!



This was orignally called our "Home Orchard Blend" but we wanted to let everyone know where every apple came from. So to let folk know that every apple used is grown within the parish boundary of Hucknall, we changed the name. 

This is a fruity cider with soft tannins. 

We try to use as many Hucknall-grown true cider apples in this blend as possible.

We feel this cider is best at dry to medium-dry in sweetness. 

We also produce occasional special draught ciders depending upon what apples are available & upon what blends we can produce. Best to check in to see what's on offer.
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