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All of our ciders are whole-juice heritage ciders
As our ciders are natural products dependent upon the growing season, the ABV will vary year on year.  
Our 2021 Bottled Ciders
These ciders are all naturally sparkling & are not artificially carbonated. 
They are not pasteurised, so are "live" and will continue to mature & develop in the bottle.

Ramsdale Farmhouse   500ml

Ramsdale Farmhouse is a single orchard cider made from a blend of three apple varieties: Bramley, Cox - but no one is sure of the third. We were asked by Zoe & Glynn who own the orchard if we could make a cider for them & wanted a Sidra-like or Spanish-style cider. Zoe asked if she should could draw their farmhouse for the label which now appears on the bottle for this off-dry, crisp, fruity & light cider. We hope we have succeeded in producing a cider with a nod to the typical classic clean-tasting Sidras of Spain. 


Reservoir Frogs   500ml 

We have raised many hundreds of pounds for the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust over the years, so decided this year to use a blend quite heavy in our own bittersharp & bittersweet cider apples, plus Hucknall-grown Discovery apples to try to raise some more funds. On reading about the Trust's wetland project in the Idle Valley, the idea of using a frog on the label appealed. Hence the name & frog image which was hand-drawn by Ray.


NG   500ml 

As well as picking apples across the county of Nottinghamshire, we also pick & collect apples in urban & suburban locations. We decided to celebrate this by listing the particular Nottingham "NG" post codes from where we collected the apples in this truly local cider. It has been described as being similar to a sparkling version of "Floppy Tabs", being light & fruity with a subte soft natural sparkle.  


Dangling Marsh Lover   500ml & 750ml

Dangling Marsh Lover is the name of Helophilus pendulus, a large black & yellow Hoverfly that is found hovering around ponds, marshes & other areas of still water. We have a number of these insects frequenting our wildlife pond and so decided to use their colourful name as inspiration for a blend of Jonagold apples with our own cider apples. Ray spent many hours watching them for his hand-drawn image on the label. 
This cider is naturally fully dry, light & sparkling.  

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