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Who are Torkard Cider...?

Torkard Cider are based in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire

Hucknall is an ex-mining industrial town some 7 miles north of Nottingham. Until 1918 the town was called Hucknall Torkard - around this time "Torkard" was dropped from the town's name, although it remains the parish of Hucknall Torkard. 

Torkard comes from the name of the Norman family of Geoffrey de Torcard who owned much of the land until the 1300's. The Norman Motte & Bailey earth-work castle is still to be found & explored just north of the town. 

Gail and Ray are the folk behind Torkard Cider.  

Both Gail and Ray are from practical art & design backgrounds, with both having followed degree courses in design subjects.


Both have an interest in cider and perry predominantly - from the UK, France & Spain - as well as beer & wine. 


Ray started making wine and cider at the age of 12 in those long lost times when teaching was about practical hands-on stuff and learning was fun.

His science teacher taught the class all about single-celled organisms - which of course includes yeasts. That opened up a whole new world of opportunities.

At the age of 12 Ray made his first cider from James Grieve & Egremont Russet apples growing in the family garden in Sandiacre. 

The rest is history.


Ray & Gail.

Ray's historic cider-making hat actually has "Beautiful South"  embroidered on the back. Vintage 1991 from a gig in Sheffield.   

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