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Torkard Cider


Torkard Cider started making real whole-juice heritage cider in 1995.


We make cider from apples only and occasionally perry from pears only.

We only use the full juice of the apple or pear.

You may want to call our ciders "craft ciders" or even "artisan ciders".

We like to think of them as true heritage ciders.


All of our ciders are made with fresh-picked and fresh-pressed pure whole apple juice, from apples gathered within Nottinghamshire only.


We grow many of the apples we use ourselves.

All of our ciders are and always have been gluten free & vegan friendly

We rely on climate, nature and time to work with us.

We use the natural yeasts found on and in the apples we process.

This is often called "Wild Yeast Ferment".


We do not filter or fine our ciders and do not pasteurise our ciders.

No colourings or flavourings are used.


We blend the different juices and ciders to get the flavours we want.

As our ciders are a natural craft product, the ABV will change season to season and to some extent, taste and style may vary slightly too.

If you want to know more, please read on or get in touch.

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